Success Stories

Success happens. From the accessible office photocopier to the managed care company that “Careers and the disABLED” magazine honored as Corporate Employer of the Year, get the whole story behind employees and companies that are leading, innovating and evolving the workforce.

Read about the successes that companies like yours have had in hiring workers with disabilities, and how their workforce has changed for the better. These stories also chronicle the success of workers who have connected with companies that get it, and who have helped transform their workplace.

Note that views expressed in the Success Stories are those of the participants, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Think Beyond the Label or Health & Disability Advocates.

A Dual Mission, Accomplished

This Washington, D.C.-area firm specializes in winning federal contracts that help people with disabilities, while employing workers with disabilities to do the work. Sheila Newman knows her way around government contracts, and the nation’s capital. When navigating both, you have to be able speak the language of acronyms, she says. For Newman, so fluent is … Continue reading “A Dual Mission, Accomplished”