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TBTL generated a good deal of press and media commentary during its active campaign. These notices and press releases will give you a feel for this unusual effort to help businesses “think beyond the label.”

TBTL in the News

A national effort to encourage businesses to employ workers with disabilities is not your father’s hire the handicapped campaign…The campaign takes a light-hearted tack rather than a sober or earnest tone. The ads try to challenge conventional wisdom about workers with disabilities by offering humorous examples of people with “differences” already employed. The New York Times

Businesses that employ people with disabilities turn social issues into business opportunities, according to Think Beyond the Label, a national campaign managed by Health & Disability Advocates. Myrtle Beach Sun

CH2M HILL partners with TBTL to attract new candidates and build awareness for the company’s disability hiring efforts. –Diversity / Careers in Engineering & Information Technology

We already know technology is a great equalizer for people with disabilities. This is positive for the future of work, because people with disabilities add tremendous value to the workplace. Huffington Post

Companies looking to hire people with disabilities, whether to diversify their workplace or meet compliance goals, must go where the job seekers are [such as] the upcoming Think Beyond the Label Online Career Fair. Huffington Post

“Think Beyond the Label works with companies to help develop and refine their hiring and employee policies.” –Denver Business Journal

Think Beyond the Label, sends the message to employers that “labels get in the way, disabilities rarely do.” The website includes a jobs portal, advice for job seekers and access to unique events like virtual career fairs. –>

One-quarter of [Think Beyond the Label’s] 3,500 members have at least five years of relevant job experience; one in three have a professional certification or college level degree or beyond. That’s an impressive talent pool for employers to dip into. Huffington Post

Think Beyond the Label [helps] employers of all sizes throughout the nation find local resource for recruiting disabled workers. –Wall Street Journal

Think Beyond the Label [is] a national non-profit that works to increase employment of people with disabilities in small- and medium-size businesses. The goal of this valuable organization is simple: [To] raise awareness that hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense. USA TODAY

Seventy percent of disabled Americans say they want to work full-time, but only about 21 percent do… Think Beyond the Label, a Chicago public-private partnership that works to increase employment for people with disabilities, hopes to change that. –

People with disabilities can and do work — and at high levels, while continuing to have access to long-term health coverage. Huffington Post

A $4 million national disability awareness campaign [has] hit the airwaves with high hopes for increasing employment among people with disabilities. “Think Beyond the Label” is a 30-second TV spot featuring Chicago artist, and founder of Dance>Detour, Alana Wallace. ABC News Chicago

An estimated 22 percent of the nation’s workforce is funded through federal contracts, says Barbara Otto, CEO of Think Beyond the Label, a public-private partnership that helps build a pipeline of qualified disabled candidates who can meet the hiring needs of businesses. MSN Business on Main

Health & Disability Advocates, a national nonprofit, launched a campaign titled “Think Beyond the Label”, which includes online resources available to help employers determine the benefits of hiring a disabled person. Fox Business

Much of the information available to employers about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities [is] conflicting — or simply incorrect. With Think Beyond the Label, employers can access accurate federal and state information on the benefits and tax credits available to them, and more. –Evolved Employer

Industry consultants and HR leaders say the chief advantage of Think Beyond the Label’s Hire Gauge is that it raises awareness about the financial benefits of hiring those with disabilities and serves as a one-stop shop for disability-related tax credit information.

Making your company more diverse by recruiting persons with disabilities isn’t as complicated as you may think, and the opportunity for organization growth from such an effort may be richer than you expect…Health & Disability Advocates [is] spearheading the Think Beyond the Label campaign on behalf of more than 40 states to promote the hiring of people with disabilities. –

The twist here is especially apt, and the cheerful atmosphere is refreshingly un-preachy, as the [TV] spot points out that everyone’s “different” in one way or another … Thanks HDA! AdWeek

Think Beyond the Label’s Hire Gauge is the only online tool of its kind that depicts the tangible monetary benefits that can accumulate each time a company hires a person with a disability, which, for a typical large business, can reach $31,800 per hire. Hispanic Network

A “cool” and “unique” jobs board for people with disabilities. Brazen Careerist

The Think Beyond the Label ad campaign and website offer a humorous yet powerful public relations tool to dispel negative stereotypes about people with disabilities. Aimed at both senior executives making hiring decisions in large firms and the owners of small to medium-sized companies, the ad makes the point that hiring people with disabilities can benefit any employer’s bottom line. –

Think Beyond the Label’s online jobs portal connects job seekers with disabilities to employers actively looking to hire them. This job-search engine gives people looking for employment opportunities free access to nearly 1 million job listings from more than 90,000 screened employers in the private and public sectors. –

In an effort to combat employer misconceptions, a new online tool … known as “Hire Gauge” provides businesses with a real-time look at the tax incentives and other benefits they can tap into when hiring individuals with disabilities.

The goal of the humorous, edgy [Think Beyond the Label] campaign is to change attitudes about hiring people with disabilities, raising awareness of the need for diversity in the workplace, and countering stereotypes about people with disabilities.

With a nearly 15% unemployment rate among working-age Americans with disabilities, Think Beyond the Label hopes its jobs portal will promote disability employment opportunities, help grow the pipeline of qualified job candidates with disabilities, and meet businesses’ hiring needs.


Press Releases

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