New Job Feed Connects Businesses, Workers with Disabilities

There is a not-so-silent shift taking place in our country today. Hundreds of thousands of veterans are returning home with service-connected disabilities and will need help finding meaningful employment to help them transition back to civilian life. At the same time, the national unemployment rate for working-age Americans with disabilities hovers at 15 percent vs. 9 … Continue reading “New Job Feed Connects Businesses, Workers with Disabilities”

Are You A “Smart Hire?”

Here at Think Beyond the Label, we’ve long known that people with disabilities have extraordinary abilities and bring significant value to the workplace. That said, we are big believers in “show me, don’t tell me.” So today, we are launching “Smart Hire,” our new feature series that will tell compelling stories of the most productive, … Continue reading “Are You A “Smart Hire?””

Go Ahead. Pull a Starbucks

As the days on the calendar slip by, I am reminded that yet another National Disability Employment Awareness Month is coming to a close. And I am left to ponder its impact. We all are. Commemorative events crisscrossed the country, including several here in Illinois. Press releases touted initiatives around disability hiring and free services … Continue reading “Go Ahead. Pull a Starbucks”