Amazon’s Kindle Finally Speaks

Many blind, visually impaired and dyslexic Kindle users have been deterred by Amazon’s lack of assistive features in its software since the e-Reader’s market debut. However late in the game (six years, to be exact; the first Kindle was released in 2007), Amazon’s recent decision to join the assistive technology movement finally opened the floodgates. … Continue reading “Amazon’s Kindle Finally Speaks”

Effecting Change, Driving Growth

When digital imaging giant Canon set out to manufacture a photocopier that was accessible to people with disabilities, Sean Stapelford showed them how. He created 15 pages of recommendations on accessible design for the copier, which guided the work of Canon engineers from New York to Tokyo. Today, Stapelford’s insights and input are the inspiration … Continue reading “Effecting Change, Driving Growth”

The iPhone and iPad as a Work Aid

At the Assistive Technology Industry Association conference in Chicago last week, tablets and applications took the industry by storm. The iPad, iPhone and iTouch, for example, are hitting all the right notes for users with disabilities as these three mainstream technologies have access already built into them. For starters, all three gadgets have universal access … Continue reading “The iPhone and iPad as a Work Aid”