Funding Disability Matters!

In Think Beyond the Label’s hometown of Chicago, The Chicago Community Trust, the region’s largest community philanthropic foundation, celebrated their 100th anniversary by holding a unique, philanthropic event called On the Table.  On the Table was a region wide conversation to discuss the ways that we can continue to support our communities. On May 12th, … Continue reading “Funding Disability Matters!”

And the Number Is In! Labor Dept. Sets 7 Percent Hiring Goal

After months of anticipation, the U.S. Department of Labor today announced a final rule to improve the employment outlook for people with disabilities—setting a hiring goal for federal contractors and subcontractors that 7 percent of each job group in their workforce be qualified individuals with disabilities. The Labor Dept. updated Section 503 of the Rehabilitation … Continue reading “And the Number Is In! Labor Dept. Sets 7 Percent Hiring Goal”

Are You A “Smart Hire?”

Here at Think Beyond the Label, we’ve long known that people with disabilities have extraordinary abilities and bring significant value to the workplace. That said, we are big believers in “show me, don’t tell me.” So today, we are launching “Smart Hire,” our new feature series that will tell compelling stories of the most productive, … Continue reading “Are You A “Smart Hire?””

Beyond we go!

I’m really excited to be a guest blogger for Think Beyond the Label. I’ve been following this campaign since it started making waves in January on news programs and business newspapers — places you don’t expect to see disability stand up for itself. Over and over I’ve been impressed with the campaign’s message and mission: … Continue reading “Beyond we go!”