Disability Hiring Dominates the News

The media world has been alit with stories of how people with disabilities are improving the workforce—bringing unique perspectives that drive innovative thinking and boosts employee satisfaction. BusinessWeek last week profiled Walgreen’s, AMC and Hershey’s, where company leaders gave a multitude of reasons for hiring people with disabilities. In the article, Disabled Recruited From Walgreen to … Continue reading “Disability Hiring Dominates the News”

A Dual Mission, Accomplished

This Washington, D.C.-area firm specializes in winning federal contracts that help people with disabilities, while employing workers with disabilities to do the work. Sheila Newman knows her way around government contracts, and the nation’s capital. When navigating both, you have to be able speak the language of acronyms, she says. For Newman, so fluent is … Continue reading “A Dual Mission, Accomplished”

A Partnership to Further Advance Service-Disabled Veterans in Employment and Entrepreneurship

When we announced last week that the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University (IVMF) has formally partnered with the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN®) with the focus on service-disabled veterans in employment and entrepreneurship, it was a welcome milestone. Our organizations have worked on parallel paths for many years in relation to … Continue reading “A Partnership to Further Advance Service-Disabled Veterans in Employment and Entrepreneurship”

Why Wouldn’t It Work

Jennifer Erickson and Beth Behal have been the co-owners of Camille’s Sidewalk Café in Sioux Falls for the last seven years. The door to hiring people with disabilities was opened for them by an employment specialist from Southeastern Behavioral HealthCare. Beth said, “We didn’t seek out people with disabilities for employees, they came to us. … Continue reading “Why Wouldn’t It Work”

Recruiting Top Talent: Look for Emotional Intelligence about Disability

I cringe when I hear job seekers with a disability ask that employers give them “a chance to prove themselves” when I believe that is the job seeker’s responsibility (not the employer’s.) I also wonder why employers have for so long ignored workplace disability in their diversity initiatives. I’m still learning. Similarly, each candidate with … Continue reading “Recruiting Top Talent: Look for Emotional Intelligence about Disability”