New Report Exposes Top Three Disability Hiring Myths

A newly released report from The Conference Board underscores what we at Think Beyond the Label have been saying all along: You CAN quantify the value that people with disabilities bring to a company. In “Leveling the Playing Field: Attracting, Engaging, and Advancing People with Disabilities,” The Conference Board, a non-profit business association, explores how … Continue reading “New Report Exposes Top Three Disability Hiring Myths”

The New Game of Interview Gotcha!

It’s an employers’ market, for sure. Not only is the hiring landscape more competitive, but with advent of social technology, interview methods have evolved — gotten harder, even. It’s still important to practice answering both the common and even the oddball questions (like those famously asked of Google applicants). People who are looking for jobs, and … Continue reading “The New Game of Interview Gotcha!”

So You Want To Be a Welder?

What can a sheet metal company in Minnesota teach us about hiring? Lots, it seems. Following a financial crisis and a great recession, with a fiscal deficit now looming, companies still say the major reason many people can’t find jobs is that U.S. education is failing to keep up with rising skills demands. That’s partly … Continue reading “So You Want To Be a Welder?”