The New Game of Interview Gotcha!

It’s an employers’ market, for sure. Not only is the hiring landscape more competitive, but with advent of social technology, interview methods have evolved — gotten harder, even. It’s still important to practice answering both the common and even the oddball questions (like those famously asked of Google applicants). People who are looking for jobs, and … Continue reading “The New Game of Interview Gotcha!”

New Job Feed Connects Businesses, Workers with Disabilities

There is a not-so-silent shift taking place in our country today. Hundreds of thousands of veterans are returning home with service-connected disabilities and will need help finding meaningful employment to help them transition back to civilian life. At the same time, the national unemployment rate for working-age Americans with disabilities hovers at 15 percent vs. 9 … Continue reading “New Job Feed Connects Businesses, Workers with Disabilities”