Funding Disability Matters!

In Think Beyond the Label’s hometown of Chicago, The Chicago Community Trust, the region’s largest community philanthropic foundation, celebrated their 100th anniversary by holding a unique, philanthropic event called On the Table.  On the Table was a region wide conversation to discuss the ways that we can continue to support our communities. On May 12th, … Continue reading “Funding Disability Matters!”

Introducing Hire4Ability: A New Blog Series to Highlight Talented Job Seekers with Disabilities

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Hire4Ability blog series. It’s a monthly guest column, featured on the Hire Learning blog, which will be authored by a different job seeker with a disability each month. The series is designed to give Think Beyond the Label’s pool of job seekers with disabilities a new vehicle … Continue reading “Introducing Hire4Ability: A New Blog Series to Highlight Talented Job Seekers with Disabilities”

Amazon’s Kindle Finally Speaks

Many blind, visually impaired and dyslexic Kindle users have been deterred by Amazon’s lack of assistive features in its software since the e-Reader’s market debut. However late in the game (six years, to be exact; the first Kindle was released in 2007), Amazon’s recent decision to join the assistive technology movement finally opened the floodgates. … Continue reading “Amazon’s Kindle Finally Speaks”

Why Wouldn’t It Work

Jennifer Erickson and Beth Behal have been the co-owners of Camille’s Sidewalk Café in Sioux Falls for the last seven years. The door to hiring people with disabilities was opened for them by an employment specialist from Southeastern Behavioral HealthCare. Beth said, “We didn’t seek out people with disabilities for employees, they came to us. … Continue reading “Why Wouldn’t It Work”

Bangor Hydro Electric Company

Bangor Hydro Electric Company (BHE) has successfully employed people with a disability for many years. “We believe that work is an important part of everyone’s life,” said Susan Faloon, BHE’s communications officer. Employees with a disability, including those that require accommodation to perform their work, work in the same positions as non-disabled employees, such as … Continue reading “Bangor Hydro Electric Company”

Effecting Change, Driving Growth

When digital imaging giant Canon set out to manufacture a photocopier that was accessible to people with disabilities, Sean Stapelford showed them how. He created 15 pages of recommendations on accessible design for the copier, which guided the work of Canon engineers from New York to Tokyo. Today, Stapelford’s insights and input are the inspiration … Continue reading “Effecting Change, Driving Growth”