Practical Info Tops Respondents’ Wishlist of Online Resources

By , November 26, 2016

We wanted to know what businesses, employment, and training professionals and job seekers with disabilities who used Think Beyond the Label need to move the dial on employment for people with disabilities. So we decided to ask our users to find out directly from them. There were striking similarities across all surveyed, with an overwhelming request for practical information and access to on-line assistance. Here is just a snapshot of what we learned.

Making the System Work Smarter & Better
Among the providers of services related to disability employment, more than half – 51% – want to see more resources on how earnings impact a person’s disability benefits, and another 43% want more resources on assessing corporate cultures for improving workforce inclusion.

Among the kinds of resources that would be helpful, wrote one respondent: “Quick guides on effective accommodations for a variety of disabilities, more information on tax incentives and how to utilize them, local lists of resources such as interpreting agencies, assistive technology resources, etc.”

It’s All About the Next Job
Among persons with disabilities seeking to advance their career, the number one need identified was mentorship opportunities. On-line mentorship opportunities ranked high as an unmet need for job seekers. They also identified the need for accessible training – including on-line training on how earnings impact benefits; paths to health coverage for workers with disabilities; and knowing how and when to disclose disabilities.

“I just want to see more focus on persons with disabilities in higher level positions…”

In addition, job seekers with disabilities are interested in resources showing how earnings from work impact a person’s disability benefits (56%); career advancement (50%); disability employment in the news (49%); and best paths to health coverage for employed people with disabilities (43%).

Among TBTL’s existing features, respondents found most valuable those focusing on securing employment and learning from others: best practices from other job seekers with disabilities (39%); followed by TBTL’s job board (32%); and practical tips about interviewing, resumes, and job hunting (30%). “I just want to see more focus on getting persons with disabilities in higher level job positions,” wrote one respondent.

You Talked, We Listened
TBTL users had a lot to say, and HDA heard you. Stay tuned for new TBTL resources for job seekers and businesses on paths to health coverage for employees and job seekers with disabilities, opportunities to engage with mentoring locally and on-line, and new resources that you can use to navigate the system.

Author: Barbara Otto

Barbara Otto is the CEO of Health & Disability Advocates, which manages Think Beyond the Label.