Introducing Hire4Ability: A New Blog Series to Highlight Talented Job Seekers with Disabilities

By , March 11, 2015

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Hire4Ability blog series. It’s a monthly guest column, featured on the Hire Learning blog, which will be authored by a different job seeker with a disability each month. The series is designed to give Think Beyond the Label’s pool of job seekers with disabilities a new vehicle to showcase their valuable experience.

At Think Beyond the Label, we continue to emphasize the heterogeneous nature our recruitment pool. Workers with disabilities live in all 50 states, have a broad range of educational backgrounds and work in just about every different industry category. Unfortunately, we routinely hear that recruiters struggle to find and connect to qualified candidates with disabilities. That’s where tools like the Hire4Ability blog series come in.

Hire4Ability logo Each month we will feature a new worker with a disability in a guest blog that will highlight their education, job skills and experience. It’s a unique way to reach a large audience; a great new opportunity to be featured directly to businesses; and a chance to expand the reach of your job search.

To be considered for feature as a Hire4Ability guest blogger, candidates will need to submit a current copy of their resume and a short blog of 500 words or less. The blog content should be original and emphasize the candidate’s individual work experience, educational background and highlight the diverse perspective that comes from being a worker with a disability. Call attention to your strengths and your talents and illustrate how you can deliver results to employers. It’s your chance to let potential employers see the value you will bring to their organization. Employers are looking for creative problem solvers and employees who think outside the box. Workers with disabilities live outside the box and these short blogs are a great way to illustrate that.

In addition, each submission must include the candidate’s full name and a current photo with permission to post the photo on the Think Beyond the Label website with the guest blog. Featured guest bloggers must also authorize Think Beyond the Label to distribute their resume to interested businesses upon request. Our editorial staff will work with each Hire4Ability guest blogger to edit and adapt blog content to fit with the Hire Learning format and voice.

Think Beyond the Label will consider each complete submission for feature as a Hire4Ability candidate. Candidates will be notified within 30 days of their submission whether or not their blog will be used in the Hire4Ability series. Think Beyond the Label is committed to featuring candidates with a range of experiences in many different industries and will work to ensure the series features a variety of guest bloggers.

In addition to appearing online as part of the Hire Learning blog, Hire4Ability guest blogs will be promoted through TBTL’s Hire Wire monthly newsletter. Regular social media promotion will market each Hire4Ability guest blogger. And, Hire4Ability candidates will be featured in targeted e-mails to our business audience.

The first Hire4Ability blog will begin appearing online in April, so get started now! Submissions should be made by email to administrator@thinkbeyondthelabel.com and include Hire4Ability in the subject line. Questions? Email us at administrator@thinkbeyondthelabel.com.

Author: Joe Entwisle

Joe Entwisle is a policy analyst for Health & Disability Advocates in the areas of healthcare, employment and work incentives. He has worked as a policy analyst for the state of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin and several private businesses. As an individual with a disability, Joe shares the unique insights of the public and private systems he works with. He also starred in one of Think Beyond the Label’s national T.V. ads in 2010, appearing as a potential job candidate with a disability.