“Hire Gauge” Gives Businesses More Reasons to Hire

By , September 15, 2011

When we at Think Beyond the Label talk about the business case for hiring a person with a disability, we often refer to ROI, or the return on investment – financial and otherwise — that a company often sees when it hires a qualified job candidate with a disability.

Articulating the business case to employers is one of my jobs at Think Beyond the Label, but until now there hasn’t been a neat way to tie up all of the benefits into one package and present it in a way that truly ‘wows’ businesses.

Enter Hire Gauge, Think Beyond the Label’s groundbreaking online tool that crunches all the facts to give businesses a snapshot of the real, bottom-line results for their inclusive hiring initiatives. Hire Gauge is an interactive “wizard” geared to executives interested in inclusive hiring strategies as well as to hiring managers who are charged with recruiting diversity candidates. It is intended as a resource for getting all the facts about inclusive hiring in one place.

Hire Gauge is truly a unique resource. Apart from calculating financial incentives, which range from popular tax credits to savings on recruitment and training costs, the tool shows the workplace diversity and marketplace benefits that businesses also reap, such as improvements in innovation, productivity, access to new markets and brand reputation.

Results depend on criteria such as company size, location and where the candidate was sourced. A typical business, however, can expect to save nearly $32,000 through a variety of tax credits, deductions, and hiring cost savings!

To get this data, we conducted research across many human resource and diversity organizations, federal and state government agencies, and case studies from companies on their disability hiring efforts. We cited and linked to all of our sources and also provide businesses with additional resources for finding qualified candidates with disabilities, such as through their state’s disability employment service providers.

It is so rewarding to have built a tool that genuinely helps businesses realize the compelling case for hiring people with disabilities.

Please try out Hire Gauge and share it with your colleagues and friends. We think the results will exceed your expectations, and we hope it encourages more businesses to broaden their recruitment efforts to include people with disabilities.

Author: Barbara Otto

Barbara Otto is the CEO of Health & Disability Advocates, which manages Think Beyond the Label.