Pinterest – Your Career’s Organizational Savior

By , January 30, 2013

Vision boards may have been the trending topic when Oprah covered them on her show years ago, but the concept of a physical display of your goals is a tried and true method of planning for your future. Particularly when you are planning your career, a vision board can help you organize your needs and abilities. It can help you grasp what you have, what you want, where you’re going and what you need to get you there.

A project that once required antiquated pushpins, archaic magazine cutouts and obsolete sticky notes, vision boards too have transferred to the digital age for your accessibility and convenience. This is great particularly for people with disabilities, as the physical manifestation of goals, dreams, accomplishments and visions for the future can now be done in one place, and with one finger (if that).

Pinterest, a bookmarking social website with a catchy pin board style, has grown in a mere five years to a top-ten most popular social network service boasting over 1.5 billion monthly page views. Foodies, artists, brides-to-be and professionals alike have joined the phenomenon of capturing their creativity with unique arrays of colorful “pinned” pictures.

“When you open up Pinterest,” the company’s CEO Ben Silbermann said in an interview, “you should feel like you’ve walked up into a building full of stuff that only you are interested in. Everything should feel handpicked for you.” In that respect, Pinterest is your personal creative genius when it comes to planning.

By that token, if you are in need of some career planning, Pinterest can be your professional creative genius.  Take for example this Pinboard, “2013: the career materializes!” Scroll through for everything from resume tips to assistive technology to classy first-day-of-work heels. Pinterest and one ambitious mind here capture a year’s worth of professional and personal goals for free and in less than two hours. No clunky scissors, magazine letters or eye for design is needed; only a unique mind and accessible computer are required.

If 2013 found you in an organizational rut, follow the below steps to start building a plan for your career:

1) Pose the following questions: What do I have? What do I want? Where am I going? What do I need to get there?
2) Start your Pinterest Vision Board with a catchy title and plug the answers to your questions into the search bar
3) Pin away and plan your career
4) Execute your plan
5) Post the link to your Pinterest Vision Board on our blog and share with others who Think Beyond the Label!

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Author: Suzanne Robitaille

Suzanne Robitaille is the founder of abledbody.com, a website on disability issues. She is the former assistive technology columnist for BusinessWeek.com, giving rise to her fascination with technology that helps people with disabilities surmount barriers in the workplace and life space. She is also the author of The Illustrated Guide to Assistive Technology & Devices. As a writer and blogger, Suzanne is a trusted source of disability information for The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, HealthDay, Media Post, Ability Magazine, Disaboom and more. Suzanne lost her hearing at age four and grew up profoundly deaf. In 2002 she received a cochlear implant, which she credits as "the ultimate assistive technology."