Are You A “Smart Hire?”

By , November 2, 2011

Here at Think Beyond the Label, we’ve long known that people with disabilities have extraordinary abilities and bring significant value to the workplace. That said, we are big believers in “show me, don’t tell me.” So today, we are launching “Smart Hire,” our new feature series that will tell compelling stories of the most productive, effective, impressive workers with disabilities.

Calling all workers with disabilities

We know that you are doing tremendous work. You have established a strong reputation for your “can-do” attitude, and you consistently go the extra mile to deliver impactful results for your employers. Your success embodies our mission of increasing employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

Our new “Smart Hire” series is your chance to show the Think Beyond the Label community of businesses, employment services providers, job seekers and other workers why you are a “Smart Hire.”

How “Smart Hire” works

Think Beyond the Label invites all workers with disabilities to send in a short description – just 100 words – showing us how you stand out in your company and your industry. We want to know what you’ve contributed and how you have made a difference for your colleagues and your company. Our panel of Think Beyond the Label judges will review all entries and select the “Smart Hire.” Then we will share your story with the entire Think beyond the Label community by featuring you on our website.

Heads up, all employers

There is a strong business case for hiring workers with disabilities. They bring significant return on investment (ROI) to your organization, giving your company access to new markets to help drive revenues. They increase your market share, as customers with disabilities and their families, friends and associates represent a trillion-dollar market segment. And they are innovative, stimulating new product and service development through disability-inclusive teams, helping to drive profitability.

The new Think Beyond the Label “Smart Hire” feature series gives you a window into the talents of people with disabilities. Their unique abilities. Their contributions to the workplace. And the real, measurable results workers with disabilities can bring to your organization. So stay tuned! We’ll show you a series of Smart Hires who demonstrate the value of hiring qualified people with disabilities. See for yourself how they can benefit your business.

How to become a Think Beyond the Label “Smart Hire”

 Want to become a “Smart Hire?” Here’s all you have to do:

– Email us a description of your job and a self-portrait to administrator@thinkbeyondthelabel.com

– Be sure to list your place of employment and location, your job title and about 100 words describing what makes you stand out within your respective industry by December 1, 2011.

– Include “Smart Hire” in the subject line.

We will send a congratulatory email to the winner directly and will announce the news of our first official “Smart Hire” on our website by mid-December.

I speak on behalf of all of us at Think Beyond the Label when I say that we can’t wait to hear from you – and to feature our first “Smart Hire” on our website. Good luck to all of you!

*Please note that when you participate in the “Smart Hire” feature series, you will automatically grant permission for Think Beyond the Label to use your name, your image, your story and its details for marketing and promotional purposes.

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Author: Barbara Otto

Barbara Otto is the CEO of Health & Disability Advocates, which manages Think Beyond the Label.